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Activities Banquet



1.      When a school activity has a banquet, it then becomes a school function, and the school assumes responsibilities as it does for any other school-sponsored activity.  Therefore, it becomes imperative for the responsible staff member to comply with policies and guidelines established for the purpose of regulating banquets.

2.      The following guidelines will be observed when planning for recognition programs.

A.     Although the coach/advisor/director may wish to involve parents in the planning and coordinating of the banquet, the banquet remains the responsibility of the coach/director.

B.     All requests for use of the building and/or dispersal of funds must be handled by the coach/director personally.

C.     The school will make arrangements to have the Commons available for any banquet or awards program arranged by parents and coaches.  Schedule these events well in advance to avoid conflicts with other events.

D.     Banquets and awards programs may also be held at locations other than the school.

E.      If the banquet is held at an establishment where alcoholic beverages are served, they must not be served on this occasion.  Parents, coaches, and guests, as well as athletes are to be asked to respect this policy.  In conforming to the no-tobacco-use policy of the school, no tobacco products should be used at athletic banquets.

F.      Any athletic squad may hold a separate banquet and awards program, or it may combine with one or more of the other sports.

G.     Parents or the sponsoring organization must pay all banquet expenses.  The costs should not be prohibitive for parents and families.  Provisions should be made to allow players and parents to attend the presentation of awards without being required to purchase a meal.

3.      The following items may be helpful when making arrangements for the banquet.

A.     To provide some initial organization, it is suggested that the coaches of their particular activity decide how a team should be honored and to select a date that provides for a maximum attendance.

B.     An information letter/email/remind101 should be sent to all parents.

C.     Committees for tickets, programs, menu, decoration, etc. should be organized.

D.     A decision should be made as to which teams in that sport should be honored.  For example, should only varsity and junior varsity level athletes be honored, or should tenth or ninth grade teams be included

E.      Banquet money should be collected in advance.  Banquets are self-supporting.

F.      A purchase order must be obtained for all banquet expenses.

G.     All collected money should be deposited in the appropriate Activity Account, from which all bills will be paid.

H.      If the use of the school facilities is desired, contact Community Education well in advance. The Activities Office can help with arrangements.

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