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Equipment /Locker Room


End of the season Equipment Room/Locker Room 

At the end of each sports season it is the coaches responsibility to make sure the kids pick up their belongings. (Locker room, practice/storage areas) 

Only coaches and supervised players/managers are allowed in the equipment room.

Please put your equipment back in its proper place at the end of the season. 

Help keep the equipment room organized. 

At the end of the sports season, please clean up your items, equipment, and the equipment area.  As a coaching staff, you can accomplish the task in much less time.  At the end of each season, the head coach of each sport must make sure that all equipment has been put away.  Other programs and coaches are waiting to use the lockers and activity areas, so please clean up and collect locks as soon as possible.

Please don’t leave equipment in the aisles and block traffic flow.  Many areas are full, so if that is the issue, please spend an hour “house cleaning” your area.  

 If the student drops out of a sport during the season, all equipment must be returned before a refund is available.

 Athletes will be charged the replacement cost for articles lost or excessively worn. Theft will not be accepted as an excuse for not returning equipment.

 All equipment issued must be returned within one week of the end of the season or a billing will be sent to the parent/guardian.

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