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Parents Night



“Parents’ Night” or "Family Night" should become a part of as many programs as possible.  The Activities Office would like to be of help in your plans for this event.  Please use the following checklist as a guide in helping you plan this event.

1. Notify the Activities Office of the date.

2. Send letters of invitation to parents (include instructions as to time and place to meet, how to be admitted, where to stand or sit, when recognition will take place, etc.

3. Arrange for a room for refreshments, if desired.

4. Order refreshments.

5. Arrange for free admission.

6. Arrange for special seating, if appropriate.

7. Prepare a script for announcer and program (include pronunciation of names).

8. Prepare name tags.

9. Instruct athletes on how to acknowledge parents.

10. Notify opponent’s coach prior to game day.

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