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Transportation of Students

A.     All students are to ride the district transportation to all practices and games if transportation is provided.

B.     Any exceptions due to extenuating circumstances must have approval by the Activities Director.

C.    Travel Permission forms can be found on the Home Page under QUICK LINKS

The district is responsible for all members of the travel party from the time of departure until the time of return.  Athletes, cheerleaders, managers, statisticians, etc must ride to and from events in school provided or authorized transportation unless extenuating circumstances occur.  Student athletes with extenuating circumstances must have pre-approval from AD, forms available online or from the activities office. 

Students must leave the premises with their own biological parent/guardian.  If a student wishes to leave without a biological parent/guardian, it must be pre-approved prior.   This form must be on file in the Activities Office prior to the dismissal of school on the day of the contest. Email  Kayti at or fax to 320-543-4601.

Students must follow bus safety rules.  Students who do not obey bus safety rules will receive appropriate consequences.

A coach must be present on all bus rides unless pre-approved by the Activities Director. 


Pay for driving personal vehicles to practice or game

A. Coaches/directors/advisors are expected to ride the district-provided transportation.  When district transportation is provided, staff will not be reimbursed for driving personal vehicles without prior approval of the Activities Director.

1)     There will be NO reimbursement for scouting and/or attendance at State Tournaments as a spectator. (You may use a district vehicle if available.)




1. Transportation for events will be arranged by the activities office. Please notify activities office 10-14 days prior to any special requests for transportation for events.

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