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1.      Games/Events

A.     All Wright County West Conference games will be scheduled by the conference one-year in advance.

B.     Non-conference games will be scheduled by the Activities Director with the input of the head coach.

C.     Contracts for home contests will originate in the Activities Director’s office and the Activities Director.

D.     All non-conference contests must be contracted.

E.      Coaches are not authorized to make any official commitment concerning games or contests.


 2.      Practices

A.     The Activities Director will establish the date and the time of the first practice for a sport.

B.     Prior to the start of the season, the Activities office is to be informed of a team’s schedule for practices and scrimmages.

C.     Participants are to be notified at the start of the season of any practices and scrimmages that are going to be scheduled on non-school days – including Saturdays and vacation days.

D.     Practices that are scheduled when there is an emergency closing of the schools or on workshop days must have the approval of the Activities office.

E.      All practices that are to be scheduled on legal holidays or days preceding and following legal holidays must have the approval of the Activities Director.

F.      No coach is to be involved in the organizing or administering of “captains practices” during the off-season or on Sundays.


 3.      Officials

A.     Officials are assigned by the conference in most sports.  

B.     Officials for grades 7-9 will be arranged by the Activities Director


4.      Half-Time and Pre-Game Activities

A.     All half time or pre-game activities during athletic events will be scheduled through the Activities office. 

B.     Requests should be submitted at the beginning of each season.

5.      In-service Days

A.     The following procedures for athletic practice on in-service days have been approved:

1)      On “in-service days” all staff coaches must attend in their entirety all in-service meetings, all department meetings, and/or all building level staff meetings.

2)      Athletes may not be in the building or use school facilities unsupervised on “in-service” days.

3)      Non-staff coaches may conduct practice any time facilities are free.  All practices should be coordinated through the Activities office to avoid scheduling conflicts.

4)      Staff coaches may use their prep time for coaching as long as their grades and other teaching responsibilities are completed on time and approved by building principal and AD.


6.      Parent-Teacher Conferences

A.     District teachers are expected to participate in parent-teacher conferences as scheduled.  Games and practices are to be scheduled to avoid conflicts with conferences.  Teachers with unavoidable conflicts should talk to their main office for help in resolving the conflicts. 




 Community Education schedules many activities in the building.  Do not automatically assume that “your” area is available in the evening.  Schedule you uses through the Receptionist during your season and Community Education outside of your season.



Schedule off season facilities and night needs with Community Education .

1.      Facilities that are to be used for any phase of the interscholastic or intramural athletic program are to be scheduled for use through the Community Education office.

2.     A varsity contest of a sport or activity shall have priority in scheduling over any non-varsity contest.

3.     A game, contest, or performance shall have priority in scheduling over a practice.

4.      Use of facilities for invitational’s, tournaments, and fundraisers must be scheduled with Community Education and approved by the Activities Director.



1.      All lockers, uniforms, equipment and supplies are the property of HLWW High School and will be assigned for use by the student.

2.      The varsity locker rooms are for after school use only. Physical Education students will use the Physical Education locker rooms.

3.      Only school approved (key access) locks will be allowed in the varsity locker rooms.

4.      All lockers will be assigned seasonally by head coaches. Participants in programs using bulky equipment will have priority of use of the larger lockers.

5.      Lockers must be emptied for cleaning after each season, even if a student is planning to participate in a sport the following season. Announcements will be posted indicating cleaning dates. All personal items left in lockers will be kept for one week, and then donated to charity.



1.      No one will be allowed to commence practice in a sport until the Activities Office is assured that all equipment issued in the previous season has been returned.

2.      If the student drops out of a sport during the season, all equipment must be returned before a refund is available. Coaches please take care of this equipment immediately.

3.      Athletes will be charged the replacement cost for articles lost or excessively worn. Theft will not be accepted as an excuse for not returning equipment.

4.      All equipment issued must be returned within one week of the end of the season or a billing will be sent to the parent/guardian.

5.      Game and practice uniforms are to be worn for those purposes only and should not be worn as a physical education uniform or for casual wear.

6.      It is a violation of MSHSL policies to use any type of high school uniform or equipment for non-school use. The penalty for violation of this policy is a suspension of two contests.­

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