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             GENERAL STATEMENT OF POLICY School activities provide additional opportunities for students to pursue special interests that contribute to their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. District 2687 is committed to a school activities program as an integral part of the total educational program. The intent of school activities is to compliment the instructional program in providing students with additional opportunities for growth and development. Students enrolled full-time in District 2687 schools, including Post Secondary Educational Options, and approved off-site vocational programs are eligible to participate. The district will allow all resident students receiving instruction in a home school as defined in Minnesota Stat. 123B.36, Subd. 1, to be eligible to fully participate in school activities on the same basis as public school students.The district will also allow students in the middle school grades who reside within the boundaries of the district and attend a private school that does not offer the activity or sport. The following stipulations are applicable: All participants shall pay the appropriate district fee for participation in the activity.

a. Home schooled and private school students are responsible for their own transportation to and from the junior high or middle school activity.

b. All participants are subject to the eligibility rules and regulations set forth by the district and the MSHSL.


     1.      The student activity program should represent the interests and desires of the students; conform to the standards established by the Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL); operate in accordance with applicable athletic conference policies; adhere to appropriate district policies; and operate within the resources available.

      2. The student activity program shall provide for a balance of athletic and non-athletic activities. The program shall also provide for equivalent participation opportunities for students of both genders.

     3.  The School Board expects all students who participate in school sponsored activities to represent the school and community in a responsible manner.

     4.  It shall be the responsibility of the AD disseminate information needed to inform students, parents, staff and community of the opportunities available within the school activity program and the rules of participation.

     5.  Those students who participate in MSHSL activities must also abide by the league rules. It shall be the responsibility of those employees who conduct MSHSL activities to familiarize students and parents with all applicable rules, penalties, and opportunities.

     6.  The AD shall be responsible for conducting an evaluation of the school activity programs inclusive of program participation facts and presenting the results and nay recommendations to the School Board as requested


 The district encourages student participation in all co-curricular activities. However, it is recognized that there may be practical considerations which lead to the limiting of participation in an activity.

     These factors include:

             Middle Schools/Junior High (Grades  7 and 8)

a.       Levels of competition not to exceed team in Grade 6.

b.      Levels of competition generally A & B teams in Grades 7/8.     Participation in MSHSL sponsored programs is permissible for students in Grades 7 through 12.  Students in Grades 7 through 12 are eligible to participate on freshman, sophomore, B-squad, and junior varsity teams.

c.       On rare occasions, a 7th or 8th grade student may be physically, emotionally, and academically mature, as well as athletically gifted. Consideration should be given to allow that student to compete at the varsity level. The needs of the student and concern for his/her physical, mental, emotional, and academic well-being must be a high priority. A decision such as this will require a thoughtful and careful look at these elements when deciding what will be in the best interest of the student. Placement procedures are outlined in the Coaches/Advisors Handbook.

d.      The number of participants at each middle school level should be based on reasonable opportunity to participate.

e.       The safe operation of the program.


High Schools (Grades 9, 10, 11, and 12)

a.       Number of participants allowed by the Minnesota State High School League.

b.      Levels of competition not to exceed varsity, junior varsity, B squad.

c.       Realistic opportunity to compete.

d.      The safe operation of the program.

e.       Staffing resources.

 If the head coach/advisor of an activity foresees the possibility of limiting the roster size by cutting participants, the following procedure shall be followed:

a.       Parents and participants shall be made aware of this possibility during the pre-season parent and team meeting.

b.      The head coach/advisor shall meet with the activities director prior to the season to discuss and develop a mutually agreeable process to be followed.


9th Grade Level (Freshmen)

A.     There shall be cuts made at the 9th grade level only when we have limited access to budget, facilities or coaching staff.  All cuts of this nature must have the approval, in advance, of the Activities Director.


10th Grade Level (B-Squad)

A.     “Cutting” may be allowed in those activities with limited budget, facilities, staff, etc.  All cuts of this nature must have the approval, in advance, of the Activities Director.


JV Level

A.     The JV level is to be viewed as a future development program and, as such, participants should not be seniors, when practical.

B.     As much as is possible, JV participants should not also be Varsity or B-Squad participants.

C.     The only exceptions shall be when number shortages necessitate using Varsity and/or B-Squad participants.  In all cases, however, MSHSL participation limits will apply.


Varsity Level

A.     In as much as the varsity level is to be as competitive as possible with our conference and non-conference foes, cutting of seniors and juniors (where JV programs are not available or appropriate) is permissible.

B.     In general, if a non-senior participant is not participating regularly at the varsity level, s/he should be participating at the level where s/he would participate more frequently.


     Official Squad Sizes

A.      As a part of efforts to involve as many participants as possible, coaches are expected to carry full squads (as defined by MSHSL and National Federation team definitions).  Because official squad sizes can change, please refer to Guidelines for Participating Schools published individually for each sport.



Domestic Students
1. A student of any grade level (grades 7-12) who discontinues enrollment and attendance in a school district, or who discontinues enrollment in a high school and attends another high school, is eligible for varsity competition provided the student was in good standing on the date of withdrawal from the last school attended, and one of the provisions in section 2 is met.

If none of the provisions in section 2 is met, the student is immediately ineligible for varsity competition for a period equal to 50 percent (rounded up to the next whole number) of the regular season varsity games scheduled in each sport in which the student participates. This period of ineligibility shall be for one (1) calendar year (365 days) beginning with the first day of attendance in the new school. If the total number of games for which the student is ineligible exceeds the number of regular season and MSHSL tournament varsity games remaining to be played in that sport season, the penalty will carry over into the next school year. End-of-season tournament games count toward serving the penalty.  The period of ineligibility shall begin immediately upon qualifying for a MSHSL activity each season and continue uninterrupted until the penalty has been served in each season of participation for one calendar year.

Students are immediately eligible for B-squad and junior varsity competition.

A student may not obtain eligibility as a result of a transfer. If at the time of transfer the student was not fully eligible in the previous school, the student shall be ineligible in the new school. A student who was not in good standing at the time of transfer shall be ineligible until the penalty from the previous school has been served.

2. A transfer student is eligible for varsity competition if:

    A. the student is enrolling in 9th grade for the first time.

    B. the student transfers from one school district attendance area to another during the same academic school year or during the summer months preceding the start of an academic school year in which there is a change of residence and occupancy in Minnesota by the student's parents or legal guardians.  

    C. the student’s residence is changed pursuant to a child protection order placement in a foster home, or a juvenile court disposition order.

    D. the student was fully eligible and attending a Minnesota school on the last day of the previous school year and enrolls in and attends a new school on the first day of the school year under the provisions of Minnesota state law. A student is limited to one transfer under the provisions of this section during the student’s high school career, grades 9 – 12.

Note: Students who transfer under the provisions of open enrollment or secondary enrollment options but do not attend the first day of school in the fall in the new school will be ineligible under the transfer rule.  The transfer will however count as their one time transfer under this provision.

Foreign Exchange Students
A foreign exchange student who is enrolled in and attending a Minnesota high school will be eligible to participate in varsity competition provided that the student meets all of the conditions listed below. Foreign exchange students shall be limited to one calendar year of high school eligibility commencing with their first day of attendance.

1. The student must be under the auspices of and be placed with a host family by an international student exchange program that has been approved for listing by the Council on Standards for International Educational Travel (CSIET) and be recognized by the U.S. Department of State. The foreign exchange program must assign students to host families by a method that ensures that no student, student’s parents, school, or other interested party may influence the assignment for athletic or other purposes. The foreign exchange student may not be selected or placed on any basis related to their athletic interests or abilities.

2. A foreign exchange student is considered to be placed with a host family when written notice of placement is provided by the exchange organization to the student and the student’s parents, and to the host family.

    A. Neither the school the student attends nor any person associated with the host school shall have input into the selection of the student.
    B. No member of the school’s coaching staff, paid or voluntary, shall serve as the host family.

3. The foreign exchange student must possess a current J-1 visa issued by the U.S. Department of State. The foreign exchange student must comply with all MSHSL eligibility requirements. A completed Foreign Exchange Student Registration Form must be provided to the high school principal and approved by the League office before the student is eligible for varsity competition.

Other International Students:
An international student who is enrolled in and attending a Minnesota high school and who is not under the auspices of and placed by a CSIET listed exchange program is ineligible for varsity competition. International students shall be limited to one calendar year of B-squad or junior varsity eligibility commencing with their first day of attendance provided that the student meets all of the following conditions:

1. The student must possess a current F-1 visa issued by the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service.

2. The student must provide the principal of the school the student attends an official untranslated transcript, as well as a transcript that is translated into English by an acceptable agent or agency, that indicates work taken in all grades in which the student was enrolled.

3. The international student must pay tuition to the high school the student attends as prescribed in Section 625 if U.S. Public Law 104-208.

4. No member of the school’s coaching staff, paid or voluntary, shall serve as the resident family for the student.

5. The international student must comply with all MSHSL eligibility requirements, and a completed International Student Registration Form must be provided to the high school principal and approved by the League office before the student is eligible for B-squad or junior varsity competition



If a student is absent from school - s/he needs to be at school by 10:30 am in order to participate in practice or event. If an appointment keeps s/he out longer than that time, when s/he returns to school they need to have note from the appointment place stating time/date of the appointment  turned into the school attendance secretary in order to participate.



Any participant who is suspended from attending classes for disciplinary reasons is likewise suspended from practices and games during the period of suspension.




NO activity (event, performance, rehearsal, practice, etc.) may be conducted between 6:00 and 8:00 PM on these days.



A student may not join any team later than 3 weeks from the official start of the season. 

A.     Anyone with extenuating circumstances wishing to join a team after the 3-week deadline may make application to the Activities Director. 

B.     Students joining a team after the 4th Monday of the season may be ineligible for section, region, and state competition.  Please check with the Director of Student Activities for clarification

C.     A student may choose the activity they wish to join. 

D.    No student shall change sports after the second week of the season without the consent of each coach involved and with the approval of the Activities Director.

E.    If a student quits with in the first week, they can request a fee reimbursement.  The request MUST be made that first week and have notified coaches as well.  If the student is injured with in the first 3 weeks and is not longer able to participate in the activity, you can also request a fee reimbursement. Please notify the Activities office and coaches of this right away. ;



1.      There may be times when an athlete wishes to compete in more than one activity during the same season.

2.      All requests should be made to the Director of Activities, who has the final decision.

3.      Permission to participate in both activities may be granted after consideration of the following criteria:


  1. Athletes must declare a primary sport.  Any scheduling conflicts will result in the athlete attending the major sports contest.
  2. The agreeability of both head coaches or directors
  3. Demonstration of the athlete being able to meet the minimum participation standards for practices and events in each activity.
  4. The agreeability of the athlete’s parents.
  5. The athlete’s school, work, and personal schedule, as well as the athlete’s academic standing will be examined.
  6. The effect on the team members will also be considered.


1.      Students holding leadership positions (captains, officers, etc.), who are found in violation of MSHSL and/or District 194 rules which result in a loss of participation opportunities, MAY BE REMOVED FROM THEIR POSITION OF LEADERSHIP and will be ineligible to hold another such position for a period of one calendar year (not to exceed 3 seasons of competition). 

2.      If extenuating circumstances warrant, the student may appeal this restriction by initiating a discussion with the coach/advisor/director involved, the grade-level Dean, and the Director of Student Activities.



 1.      A special interest club may be offered when there is sufficient student interest and an adult willing to act as club sponsor/advisor.

2.      When the club becomes chartered, the following will be available to the club:

    A.     The club will be listed in the Activities handbook.

    B.     The club’s picture will be taken and included in the yearbook and the Activities display.

   C.     The club will have an activity account opened which will enable the club to conduct fundraisers and make purchases as a school group upon the advisor’s request.

3.      Contact the Activities office for a club application.

High School Student Driven Club Qualifications

 Considerations in creating student driven clubs:

 Stipend Availability

  1. Meet the minimum 20 hour requirement
  2. Is the club educationally based?
  3. What is the number of participants in the club?
  4. Do we have space and necessary equipment available?
  5. What will the cost of the club total?

 *All clubs must meet with students for a minimum of 20 hours per club and involve at least five students


1.      School/community service will constitute a factor in determining the function of a group.

2.      We encourage as many groups to have a service aspect to their group function as possible.

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