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1.      In accordance with our philosophy of athletics and our desire to see as many students as possible participate in the athletic program while at Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted High School, we encourage coaches to keep as many students as they can. 

2.      Coaches are expected to carry a full squad as defined by the MSHSL. 

3.      Obviously, time, space, facilities, equipment, personal preference, and other factors will place limitations on the most effective squad size for any particular sport.

4.   Choosing the members of athletic squads is the sole responsibility of the coaches of those squads.


7th & 8th grade teams:  At this level players will be given sufficient playing time according to practice merit and capabilities.  Players should have opportunities to play various positions and experience some success in their chosen position.  Unexcused absences from practices will affect a student’s playing time. Learning skills is the priority. There is no guarantee that playing time will be equal.


9th grade/C teams:  Every effort will be made to get everyone into each game at this level, but playing time is not guaranteed.  The coach will decide what position a player will have the greatest chance for success or which position will best benefit the team.  Playing time is no longer distributed on an equal basis.  Again, absences from practices will have a negative effect on an athlete’s playing time or cause dismissal from the team.  Winning is now considered when distributing playing time.


Varsity and JV/B  teams:  Participation will be based on the most skilled athletes who will maximize the possibilities for individual and team success. In some instances, it may be necessary to limit the size of the varsity and JV/B squads to a manageable number.


Individual sports:  In sports such as gymnastics, cross country, track or wrestling, teams are selected based on individual trials & performances through direct competitions with fellow participants (ie:  wrestle-offs, runoffs, etc.)  Team members can be any grade level (7-12) and the team numbers are set by the MSHSL and at the coaching staff’s discretion.

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