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Student Eligibility




Student eligibility is based on academic success as well as a commitment of the participants to follow the high school league behavior rules. To be eligible to participate students must receive passing grades in all classes and must be making satisfactory progress towards an on-time graduation.

  1. Any student receiving one or more failing grades at mid-semester or semester break is ineligible for a minimum of one week. In that week the student cannot participate in contests.

  2. At the end of the first week the student will submit an "eligibility slip" and every week thereafter, until the end of the marking period verifying eligibility. Eligibility slips are due by noon the last day of the academic week in order to be able to compete the following week. Eligibility slips will be turned in to the activities director.

    1. Students that submit slips with passing grades from all teachers are allowed to play the next week (beginning Monday).

    2. Students still failing continue to be ineligible. Students who do not submit slips on time are also ineligible.

    3. After the initial first week, grades are checked weekly placing the emphasis on sustaining academic improvement. If the student is not passing for the week, he/she becomes ineligible for that week until an “all passing” slip is submitted.

  3. Students can move from eligible to ineligible on a weekly basis between mid-semester and the end of the semester as well as between semester-end to the next mid-semester, depending upon their weekly grade progress.

  4. Students will start each school year based on their last quarter grades. There is a carryover of failing grades from one school year to the next. However, since fall athletes (Football 9-12, Volleyball 9-12, Cross Country 7-12, Cheerleading) start three weeks before school starts, those academically ineligible from the spring have no chance to make up their failing grades. Therefore, the following contest ineligibility will be followed. (Students could do credit recovery if summer school is available within the district.)

    **Cross Country – 1 meet.
    **Volleyball – 1 game.
    **Cheerleading – 1 game at beginning of season.
    **Football – 1 scrimmage or 1 game at the beginning of the season, whichever is first.

    Note: Cross Country & Volleyball can have MSHSL competitions starting at the end of the 1st week. Football can’t have a MSHSL game until the end of the 3rd week.



Students receiving an incomplete at the end of marking period will remain ineligible.

1. Students have ten school days after the end of the marking period to convert their incomplete to a letter grade.

2. After the 10 day period of time if the student does not complete the course, the incomplete is changed to an "F" and the student is ineligible as set forth in item I.


Any student enrolled in the Special Education program will be considered on an individual basis. Students must be making progress towards graduation.

  1. A committee formed of the activities director, principal, guidance counselor, case manager, and instructors will decide if the student is working up to his or her ability and making progress.

  2. This committee will determine eligibility status.


  1. A student who is declared ineligible will be expected to participate in all practice sessions during the period of ineligibility.

  2. A student who is declared ineligible will not participate in any competition or exhibition during the period of ineligibility.

Adopted: 2-9-15 

Student Eligibility Bylaws

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