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One of the prime responsibilities of a coach is the supervision of his/her team.  In addition, the coach must be aware of his/her responsibilities for building and facility security. 

1.     No athlete is allowed to use school facilities without a coach or approved supervisor present.

2.     If you open a door, you are responsible for securing the door when your practice/event is completed.

3.     Before leaving the premises, make the following final check: 

A.    All showers are shut off.

B.    All lights in gymnasium, locker room, and coaches’ office are shut off.

C.    All doors in the gym and locker room are locked and secured (check for paper, etc. lodged in the door locks).

D.    Be sure exterior door is locked and secured. 

4.     Do not, under any circumstances, leave while there are students still in the building or waiting for a ride.

5.     Head coaches and assistant coaches with a demonstrated need will be issued a security access card, which will enable them to access the building for practices and games.


1.      Coaches must remind student participants that thefts occur and they should be discouraged from bringing large sums of money and/or other valuables to practices or events.

2.      Remind them to lock their lockers and check them for security each time they use them.

3.      Use a “valuable bag” when appropriate to store money, purses, billfolds, and other valuables for practices and events.

4.      If a theft occurs from a locker room, students should report it to a coach.

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