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Minnesota State High School Coaches Association 



1.      Strive to develop in each athlete the qualities of leadership, initiative, and good judgment.

2.      Respect the integrity and personality of the individual athletes.

3.      Encourage the highest standards of conduct and scholastic achievement.

4.      Seek to inculcate good health habits including the establishment of sound training rules.

5.      Fulfill responsibilities to provide health services and an environment free of safety hazards.

6.      Exemplify the highest moral character, behavior and leadership.

7.      Promote ethical relationships among coaches.

8.      Encourage a respect for all athletes and their values.

9.      Abide by the rules of the game in letter and spirit.

10.  Respect the integrity and judgment of sports officials.

11.  Display modesty in victory and graciousness in defeat.

12.  Demonstrate a mastery of and continuing interest in coaching principles and techniques through professional improvement.


 1.   Approve commercialism, solicitation, subsidizing, or professionalism entering into high school athletics.




Coaches/advisors have earned a unique position of esteem in the community that allows them to influence many of the young people with whom they work.  This prestigious position carries with it a special responsibility.  Because young people respect and emulate coaches/advisors, it is important that the coach/advisor /advisors have a positive influence on young people.  Always be sure that the young men and women who have participated under the leadership of the HLWW  coaching/advising staff are better persons for having done so.  Never place the value of a win above that of instilling the highest desirable ideals and character traits in athletes.
 Adherence to the code of ethics of the Minnesota State High School Coaches’ Association and the guidelines included in this manual will be expected from all coaches/advisors.  Setting an example for athletes by following the Minnesota State High School League rules on alcohol, tobacco, and drugs when in contact with students and parent groups will help foster positive coaching relationships.

 The mature coach/advisor always has emotions under control, does not attack officials, never uses foul language, and maintains the dignity of the coaching profession.


 Open Enrollment, Graduate Incentives, and other state programs facilitate student movement from school district to school district.  The intent of these programs is to insure that student movement is based on academic, not athletic reasons.

Coaches are expected to observe the following guidelines:

1.      No HLWW coach is to initiate contact, directly or indirectly, with any prospective student athlete and his/her parent from outside the HLWW attendance area at any level, under any circumstances.

2.      If the student athlete or his/her parent from outside the HLWW attendance area contacts a coach, directly or indirectly, the coach will refer them to the Activities Director.

3.      Transfer students, whose families are moving into the school district, will not be affected.  These students will be processed through the  Office as they have been in the past.



1.      Coaches must remind student participants that thefts occur and they should be discouraged from bringing large sums of money and/or other valuables to practices or events.

2.      Remind them to lock their lockers and check them for security each time they use them.

3.      Use a “valuable bag” when appropriate to store money, purses, billfolds, and other valuables for practices and events.

4.      If a theft occurs from a locker room, students should contact coach.


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